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Student Pilot runs out of fuel, lands on highway and gets arrested DWI with drugs and alcohol

A 'drunk' pilot has been arrested after flying his light aircraft from Florida to Missouri before landing on the interstate. John T. Seesing, 35, of Prairie Village, Kansas, landed a small aircraft on I-70 near Grain Valley around 2.45am on Friday. Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) said it believes Seesing was headed toward the Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City when he ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing on the highway. Seesing was the only passenger on board… ( さらに...

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Michael Stansfield 5
Glad no one was injured or killed. Flying while intoxicated... just WOW! Hope he spends a long time in prison for it and gets his license revoked.
Smokey Slover 2
He has NO LICENSE. Not even to learn anymore. That expired Jan 2022 if anything in the report from Media is correct and TRUE. He is just a DOPE HEAD behind a stolen aircraft. NOT A PILOT. His primary instructor will have a lot of paper work to do with the FAA. If he knew about they will jerk his lic.
sparkie624 2
I seriously doubt he knew... at least until it was too late.. Hope he gets are time!
Smokey Slover 3
sparkie624. I agree, but in todays world it would not surprise me when there is money involved. At 84 years old and thousands of hours, I've seen a lot happen in aviation. Just glad I flew in the 1950-1990s.
sparkie624 3
Idiots born every day... It amazing that someone would be a Stupid enough to try to Fly Under the Influence... Hope the courts are harsh on him... In Missouri, I do not really have a problem with the Fire Arm, but being Drunk and having Drugs or " drug paraphernalia " is not acceptable in any way or fashion. I guess his Flight Instructor just lost a student...
Tim Dyck 2
Wow! This guy needs to spend a bit of time in jail contemplating how lucky he was to not have killed someone.
Brian Bauries 2
From the map in the news story; it looks like he overflew 3GV (grain Valley airport) before landing on I-70. I'll bet he had already run one tank dry. His life is ruined now.


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