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Passenger on United Airlines Flight Arrested After Opening Emergency Door and Exiting Moving Plane

A passenger aboard a United Airlines flight opened an emergency exit and slid down the wing after the plane landed Thursday morning in Chicago, prompting his arrest, authorities said. ( More...

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patrick baker 4
lets see how much of an example this miscreant is made to be by the "bluster boys at FAA" and the Department of Justice.
Michael Blackstock 0
".... an example [of] this miscreant..." Do you have more information than what was presented in this article?
mary susan watkins 2
the article is short and explains what happened..person exited via an emergency exit and got onto the wing,then was arrested...yes he was "behaving badly" (miscreant),but more than likely he was a little crazy or just wanted to be on the news..the faa has rules and regulations regarding the use or misuse of emergency exits onboard an aircraft,and i seriously doubt the DOJ (who has many more important issues to deal with at this time)would get involved,but rather leave this to local and airport authorites as the person was arrested..

sparkie624 1
what is wrong with these people... Not have any brains anymore


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