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Ukraine International Airlines Ferries Planes To Spain, As Insurance Cover For Ukrainian Airspace Ends

As tensions with Russia increase, Ukraine International Airlines has lost insurance cover for at least some of its aircraft. Tensions on the Ukrainian border continue to rise. This weekend saw the first cancelation of flights when Dutch flag carrier KLM suspended flights between Amsterdam and Kyiv. Memories of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down over Ukraine in 2014 with two-thirds of the passengers being Dutch citizens undoubtedly played a part in the early move. ( さらに...

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mbrews 4
As of Tuesday 15 February, Flightaware still shows a few Ukraine International flights operating this day. Such as AUI776 and AUI778 between Kiev KBP and Tel Aviv TLV. Flightaware lists the equipment as Boeing 737 for those flights.

Possibly Ukraine International's widebody aircraft (and others) have been ferried out-of-country due to concerns of the lessors.

( but thats only my guess )
Alexandr Molyavko 2
Some of UIA's aircraft are owned by company, some are leased. I guess leased ones flew to Spain, owned ones remain in operation.


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