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Allegiant Air Orders Up to 100 Boeing 737 MAX Jets

Boeing [NYSE:BA] and Allegiant Air today announced an order for 50 737 MAX jets, with options for 50 additional airplanes. In Boeing's first U.S. ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC) deal, Allegiant selected two models – the 737-7 and 737-8-200 – in the 737 MAX family, which provide the lowest seat-mile costs for a single-aisle airplane and high-dispatch reliability. ( More...

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Brian Freeman 6
Great to see Allegiant grow from a struggling start to develop the gravitas to serve as a launch customer for Boeing and buy new jets versus flying hand-me-downs.
pilotjag 8
Some more great articles (including Allegiant Press Release)... Order is for 30 MAX 7s and 20 MAX 8-200s (which it's now the US launch customer for) and 50 options. Very welcoming news for both companies!
Ken Pritchard 1
Alligiant is an all-Airbus company. Wonder who is picking up the tab to train all the pilots unless there is a mass migration from Southwest :)
Brian Freeman 4
As you'll recall they were not always an all-Airbus fleet. They started as an all-McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series fleet.
IT would seem that the first year's customers have now helped Boeing yo complete the final year of flight testing. Let's hope that the scrutiny and re-work has resulted in a much-safer airframe.

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