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United Airlines promises sustainable flying – but experts aren’t convinced

A United Airlines passenger plane flew from Chicago to Washington powered solely by fuel made from cooking oils, agricultural waste and other materials rather than fossil fuels. But to critics, it was another attempt to make sustainable aviation seem a lot closer than it is in reality and give the impression people can fly guilt-free. The global supply of SAF remains very limited and there are big obstacles to scaling it up. ( さらに...

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jmilleratp 2
Exploring the use of different fuels is simply about using new technology. We have new phones, new TV's, etc.
avionik99 -3
Not enough cooking oil in the world to support this crazy idea. We need to embrace climate change. Look at California getting all that rain once again, setting records! Awesome. The stupid actions taken by liberals is like 2 of us going to the beach and taking a cup of water from the ocean to counteract them from rising.
matt jensen 2
We use cooking oil to make biodiesel and there's more than enough to go around. The problem is keeping the fuel flowing in Yellowknife temps.


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