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Woman who knocked out flight attendant's teeth pleads guilty

Vyvianna M. Quinonez (28) pleaded guilty to a felony charge of interfering with a flight crew member on a Southwest flight from Sacramento to San Diego on May 23rd. San Diego's KGTV reports that prosecutors will recommend a sentence of four months in federal prison and six months in home confinement. ( さらに...

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patrick baker 17
this was an unmitigated criminal assault resulting in injury and loss of teeth, loss of work and pay, and a menace to aviation safety. Why such an insignificant sentence? THis does not send any message of penalty fitting the crime. A lifetime ban on airline travel is not excessive. Less than a year out of circulation is a travesty.
jeff slack 2
Could you be more 'right'; I don't think so.
She should be strapped to the underside of a wing as part of the sentence.
Marty Martino 11
Only a 3 year ban from flying. That feels low. She needs to count her blessings if she’s ever allowed back on an aircraft.
Torsten Hoff 7
She won’t be flying on Southwest again, however. They took the sensible step of banning her for life shortly after the assault occurred.
Marty Martino 3
Spirit, eh?
linbb 3
Should be forever on anyone who assults anu flight crew. People need to pay for there actions some way other than just a slap on the wrist. How about those who try to bring firearms on and not declare them? Same shoud go for them.
Greg S 1
Where does it say anything about a 3 year ban?
djames225 2
Other reports "They are also jointly recommending three years of supervised release, which includes no flying on commercial airlines, anger management classes and community service, she said."
Charles Herzog 4
Should have been lifetime ban on all airlines and jail time.
Ed Kostiuk 3
Wow, I figured she would blame the Airlines, the FA, and other reasons.
jbermo 2
Per reports, Vyvianna was offered such lenient terms as part of a plea deal so to plead guilty. HOWEVER, she appears somewhat insincere of her plea (via a video). If so, a federal judge may smell this, and give her the whammy anyway. March 11 will reveal all.
djames225 2
Plead guilty? I dont understand why there was even a plea deal..they have a video showing her throwing punches and contacting. There may have been a prior non physical heated debate going on but as far as I remember, FA's are in charge of the passenger cabin on the craft, from door close to open.
ADXbear -8
Must have been a liberal Democratic judge..
jeff slack 2
increase your meds
patrick baker 2
nonsensical commentary here.


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