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Man whose gun went off in Atlanta airport was ‘shocked’ to see the gun, attorney says

The attorney for a man who allegedly fired a shot inside Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is making his case as to why the incident occurred. He says it was all an accident. He said his client is extremely remorseful for his actions. Githieya says that Wells was on his way to a wedding and was shocked to see a gun inside his bag, so he panicked. ( さらに...

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Paul Miller 5
He's Toast on this event, as he's already a convicted felon and can't be the owner or carry a firearm End Of Story.
sharon bias 3
I always question the intentions of someone who runs after an incident. Aren't all passengers asked if they packed their own bag, and did anyone give them something to take on the flight? The gun should not have shocked the passenger......or he lied about the handling of his own bag. Either way, he's in trouble.
Roy Hunte 3
🤣 Shocked. One does not absentmindedly forget to not carry a gun to the airport. Seems suspicious to me.
Michael Stansfield 2
Same lame story from everyone who gets caught. "I didn't know it was in there" or "I forgot it was in there." On top of that, he is a convicted felon, so being in possession of a firearm or ammunition is a violation of parole.
Larry Toler 1
It's possible he pissed somebody off and they placed the gun in his bag without him knowing it to get him busted. There are some vengeful women out there. Still, that story isn't going to save him.


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