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Why You Should always book a one-way flight

Airline pricing is complicated. But instead of digging into the nitty-gritty nuances of airfare algorithms, here’s a real-world application. When I’m booking a flight, I care about the lowest price and maximum flexibility, among other factors. Sometimes I want to pay in cash but often if I have miles to spare or want to fly in a premium cabin, I’ll redeem miles. By strategically booking one-way flights, I have been able to maintain half the cost of a round-trip ticket and still give myself… ( さらに...

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STLPilot2 2
I agree and will be traveling on two one way tickets next week. I did it because I only had enough miles to purchase one way and paid for the return flight. However, it has caused a problem for me in the past. A one way ticket raises a red flag for TSA. Apparently one way tickets are favorites of terrorists so I was delayed for an extended period of time at TSA and all of my carry-ons were inspected with enthusiasm.
Roger Anderson 2 is literally copy and pasting content from other sites. This is a TGP article.


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