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Slashing red tape helped airlines speed COVID vaccine shipments

Overly broad rules on dangerous goods shipments would have covered COVID vaccine shipments, slowing down delivery or complicating logistics, without some modification to make them more realistic. ( More...

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ADXbear 5
God, always political comments.. Trump made things happen.. period. You don't have to like him to see he cut through all the BULL CRAP that dominates the government today..
canuck44 5
Trump's experience dealing with State and Federal bureaucracies undoubtedly convinced him they were not going to get the job done and that it made sense to turn to the military. He turned to the military and appointed Gen. Gustave Perna as Chief Operating Officer and he brought four other generals with him. They of course brought most of their staffs.
This became a "can do" organization using military aircraft to fly in raw materials and equipment to manufacturing sites from all over the world. Imagine and enjoy the heartburn of the civilian bureaucrats as the military bulldozed them getting it done. They would still be digging through their rule books when the flight with the needed raw material landed at destination. The author notes the hundreds of military personnel in Desert uniform suddenly populating HHS headquarters.
As the vaccines were still being developed this group were making decisions to set aside regulations needed to accomplish distribution and managing the limited supply of refrigerated containers, lithium battery problems and CO2 use in dry ice.
Here is a great article which will make those of you who have served on either side smile as you can imagine how it worked when problems were managed on the military side. We owe them a huge thank you.
EMK69 2
Being a retired Marine I continued to state the military had provisions to run these programs. In our state the Commissioner of Health was let go for not being able to handle the situation. A military Dr was brought in along with a Military Reservist #2 man.

One of my anti military friends came up to me stating he had never seen a more efficient ran vaccine clinic. After 5 yrs of listening to his anti military rants he apologized and asked if that was the way we ran all military operations.

I just smiled and walked away. Years ago long before Covid I briefed on the use of GA aircraft delivering supplies to rural Okla and Texas. Most GA pilots are happy to donate T&E to rural areas saving time for ground transportation. During Covid it proved the theory right.
btweston -3
The Trumper’s paradox. He personally made the vaccine, but the vaccine was made by evil liberals who want to commit genocide against... somebody.
Vipin Patwal 1
As help starts to arrive from abroad, the government said Tuesday it was looking to ensure immediate clearance and distribution through an inter-ministerial group. The material would be dispatched promptly to the recipient institutions in various parts of the country in coordination with various government agencies, official sources said.
India is expecting oxygen-related medical supplies and medicines in the next few days from UK, France, US, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Gulf.


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