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God Speed Michael Collins. May you Rest in Peace.

The Forgotten astronaut of Apollo 11 Michael Collins has past away today at the age of 90. He has finally found a place in space where he made history in June of 1969 ( More...

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Jim Cole 40
When I was 15 in 1975 I read “Carrying the Fire” and then wrote him a letter complimenting him on it and mailed it to the nascent National Air and Space Museum of which he was the first Director. He demonstrated the stuff of which kings are made and tapped out a thank you note on an old manual typewriter himself (no secretary’s initials appearing anywhere) thanking me for my interest and wishing me a good career in science. A nice gesture by an undoubtedly busy man. His framed note is one of my most prized possessions to this day.
I read the book around the same time. I thought it engaging, funny and so well written that I finished it in a couple of days. There are a lot of so called writers out there that should take lessons from his book. I was very fortunate to have met him over the years at different functions and always found him to be the most interesting yet most humble in the room. He will be missed.
bentwing60 35
RIP and a hearty toast to one of the less heralded, though no less accomplished members of that truly elite group known as 'Astronauts'. I will now read his book and fondly remember the time when a sense of moral and patriotic cohesion in this country enabled those trips to the 'Moon'!

The effective use of poignant sarcasm and sardonic wit, to me, are far better indicators of intellect than any IQ test could hope to measure. He excelled in both!

"I was the most lonesome person in the whole universe, at least according to the newspapers," Collins joked in a 2014 NASA panel. "Actually, I was so glad to get behind the moon so Mission Control would shut up."

EMK69 10
Perfect post
Richard Critz 6
I just finished his book a couple of weeks ago. I agree that it was excellent and I, too, was left longing for the national sense of purpose and unity of the Apollo years. His prologue to the re-release for the 50th anniversary of the landing was particularly relevant.
Ken Hardy 10
RIP Michael Collins, as an old Materials NDT Engineer, I am glad to have been able to have put my hands on some of the hardware that went to space on the Apollo program. Those were different times, national unity was real and National politics were not the slash and burn they are today. Sadly China will be the ones going to the moon before the US gets back.
Tim Segulin -2
America's been there, done that.
Next stop Mars.
brian Gaskill 1
@Tim Segulin is just stating something Michael Collins said several times over the years (as has Aldrin)…not sure why the down votes?!?
skylab72 1
The road to Mars goes by way of the Moon.
DaveRK 9
I never cared for him being called "The Forgotten Astronaut", he was all class & style with a but of wit just for fun. :)
RIP mr were a great representation of what our country needs..
Greg Zelna 7
Difficult to imagine the solitude of orbiting the moon, alone- further from Earth than any other human- even those most heralded that landed on the moon's surface.....And on the dark side- he was even isolated from the chatter of Mission Control (as he said, sorta a good thing!)
James McMahan 7
Rest in peace explorer, thank you for being Michael Collins
John Atherton 7
Another giant has left us and there aren't many left.
He was remarkable in his ability to manage fame and never let it overtake him.
R.I.P. Mr. Collins...
ginbudjim21 5
s s 9
So sad that generation is now almost gone but thankfully live on in their deeds and their words. "Carrying the Fire" may be the best book of the Apollo program and should be required reading in middle and high schools instead of the divisive rot forced upon kids.
Rest in Peace Michael Collins. You were such an important part of Space History.We salute you.
jws35 4
Thank you Jim. We will never forget these men. They were our heroes and our inspiration.
Sad to see another one Going West.
skylab72 3
A superb engineer, a wizard with a slide rule, and a delightfully dry sense of humor. Honor the man, the legend was true.
Rest In Peace Sir.
MSReed 3
Never forgotten.
Ken McLemore 3
I was fortunate to meet him at the Kansas Cosmosphere several years ago. Very humble about his experiences and generous with his time to answer rookie questions. Truly a great man.
Sitting up in the small hours of an English morning, with my father, watching the first moon walk on shadowy black and white TV (when the planet united in awe at the achievement, was a lifelong memory.

Apparently his final words to Armstrong and Aldrin, as they made their way into the LEM to commence the powered descent to the lunar surface, were: "please come back." Definitely The Right Stuff.
Bandrunner 2
It would have been peachy if Armstrong or Aldrin had cracked, "Yeah, make sure to not leave without us."
Doug Herman 2
Safe travels, Mr. Collins.
cougardad 2
Mike's flown West "“To fly west, my friend, is a flight we all must take for a final check."" a salute to you Mike!
Martin Lulofs 2
General Collins passed (not past) without fanfare just as he lived his life. He ensured the safe return of all from the moon's surface to earth in July 69 (not June).
WhiteKnight77 2
I was but 8 years old when Neil and Buzz stepped on the moon, and watched it live as well, but thinking back, I am sad that they did not feature more of Michael during that short time. Godspeed. He was pretty down to earth for sure.
John Prukop -9
It was a great movie set and you were at an impressionable age for a Hollywood bamboozle! Are YOU in for a surprise - and here's the proof ALL laid out:


Try to overcome your TEL-A-LIE-VISION programming and Cognitive Dissonance!
David Pius 6
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This is not the time or place to spout off with your crackpot theories. Can you imagine how many thousands of people in the US, and the then Soviet Union who was tracking the flight and had a strong incentive to claim it was a hoax if it was, would have had to keep the secret to their dying day? That’s harder to believe than the reality of the crewed moon landings. RIP Michael Collins.
You are the joke, my friend. I suggest that you dump fantasy as a hobby and concentrate on reality.
skylab72 1
Sorry sir, I am puzzled at your response. Whether you believe my assertion is unimportant, but I reserve the right to challenge anyone who thinks we did not go to the moon. And for the record, I joined the Program shortly after Apollo 15 splashdown and left to continue my education after Skylab was de-orbited. I was the third shift operator on the MOC for the duration of Appollo 17. Rather like I consider mr. prukop's skepticism, his loss not mine, whether or not you believe me, makes no difference in the truth.
skylab72 2
Yo, JP, There are more of us who actually worked on the Appollo Program than there are deluded doubters who for either neurotic or psychotic reasons prefer to deny the reality of the achievement. We know what we did.
USNA80 2
I had the honor of knowing MGen Collins. First witnessing the launch of Apollo 11. Then my father worked for him at the National Air and Space Museum. He interviewed me for a letter of recommendation to the US Naval Academy. He is a West Point Alum and had to ask why not West Point. I told him; my goal is to be a carrier pilot. I distinctly remembered his response. "You mean you want to land on a carrier, a postage stamp in the middle of the Ocean? That's crazy!" I responded Sir you went to the moon" In his casual yet formal demeanor, he said, "oh yeah but I had a lot of help." He was always humble, willing to share and give credit to those around him. What a fine man.
Rick Zimpfer 2
On earth he touch the face of GOD
Now he see the the face of GOD
RIP my faithful servant
Not much in the media about him also, as first director, bringing in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum(the most popular jewel in the Smithsonian crown) on schedule and on budget for its Bicentennial opening.
William Smith 1
RIP Michael. Fair winds and following seas. Rest easy, we have the watch.
TWA55 1
Great sense of humor. Michael Collins has taken his last flight. RIP
Correct usage is "passed away" vs past away. Just saying---. Good to see the unheralded receive long due accolades!
The only human to go to the dark side. Mr Collins may the force be with you. RIP.
Blue Withrow 1
One of my favorite Jethro Tull songs came from their 3rd album, Benefit.
For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me
Had empathy for MC ever since I first heard this.
RIP, Sir Michael
Paul F Harris 1
Rest in Peace Mike Collins
Kia Kaha
Dear Michael Collins, you are now flying with God and the angels in infinite space . Thank you for your service to our country. Contrary to the announcement above, none of the Apollo 11 crew is 'forgotten'
they also have an incorrect date. On July 20, 1969 I watched for 12 hours until I saw the final touch down. NOT forgotten is Cdr Collins, who remained in orbit around the moon until time for pick up of the crew for return to earth. Definitely NOT forgotten
sweeper239 1
I was fortunate to be atop the VAB to see the launch. The mighty roar of the Saturn V rocket was one I will never forget. God Speed Micheal Collins
william baker 1
Excuse me in July of 1969.
dee9bee 1
You're correct. At least they got it right in the article itself.
I was a field engineer on the installation and debugging of the Apollo Mission Simulator at NASA MSC outside of Houston and interacted with many of the astronauts. Mike was a real gentleman and couldn't wait for us to finish our work and start training on it. This was in 1965-66 so I never had the opportunity to talk to him after Apollo 11. I sure would have liked that conversation.
Duane Osman 0
Forgotten by whom???

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David Pius 6
This is not the time or place to spout off with your crackpot theories. Can you imagine how many thousands of people in the US, and the then Soviet Union who was tracking the flight and had a strong incentive to claim it was a hoax if it was, would have had to keep the secret to their dying day? That’s harder to believe than the reality of the crewed moon landings. RIP Michael Collins.
Bandrunner 4
There's always one.
TWA55 1
Mr. Prukop, you really need to go back to a real school and get educated. One should never show in public ones ignorance and stupidity.


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