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Wrong Engine Shutdown Causes Global Express Fatal Crash

The fatal crash of a U.S. Air Force special-mission Bombardier Global Express on Jan. 27, 2020, was caused by the flight crew’s error in determining which Rolls-Royce BR710 engine had catastrophically failed and subsequently shutting down the working, right-hand-side powerplant, according to a USAF Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AIB) report released yesterday. Contributing factors were the crew’s failure to airstart the right-hand-side engine and their decision to “recover the aircraft… ( さらに...

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Colin Seftel 1
This has happened too many times before. British Midland 92 in 1989 which cost 47 lives and TransAsia Airways Flight 235 in 2015 with 43 killed are perhaps the most well known. The most deadly was Aeroflot Flight 3519 in 1984 with 110 fatalities. There's a comprehensive list going back to 1946 at:

When will we learn?
Jamar Jackson 1
I remember 3 pilots crashed a wide body trying to fix a landing gear indicator light bulb in florida.
patrick baker 1
piston engines will give you a clue: dead foot, dead engine. On twin business jets, the engine performance guages are arranged in pairs , requiring a concerned pilot to look a time or two so to discern which engine is functioning- the one with less output numbers is the one that failed. Depending on the model, bells and whistles and flashing lights occur upon loss of engine power, so look carefully and just don't flip a coin. It is important to be very sure. Take your time- the life you save will be your own, and the aircraft you will avoid crashing is the very one you are strapped in.
Matt Gelvin 1
If they'd only seen this comment a year earlier....


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