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TSA to propose scan-all alternative for air cargo security

All-cargo planes will soon need every piece of cargo inspected prior to loading. That's expensive. The Transportation Security Administration plans to offer industry another option. ( さらに...

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Ken Lane 3
In the early 2000s when I was still doing courier work and before I started teaching flight full-time, I handled a lot of couriered packages from various customers to Delta DASH. There was a TSA employee there who would often insist on opening and inspecting packages. In every case I could account for a chain of command from a known shipper to my tendering the package to Delta. Our company was also listed as a known shipper. Most of the guys at Delta knew me from years of picking up and dropping packages. But, none of that mattered to the TSA idiot.

Among the many different items I handled were human tissue which may be human heart valves or corneas. Another common item was sterile implants such as joint replacements. Some human tissue was contained in a piece as big as beer barrel and enclosed in liquid nitrogen. The sterile implants were exactly that. They were sealed from the moment of production and packaging.

More than a few times, the TSA idiot would insist on opening containers and sterile packaging. Usually, I was able to reason with them and sometimes I'd get the help of a Delta clerk trying to explain an opened liquid nitrogen container would not be accepted. A couple times, I'd ask the guy if he wanted that hip joint implanted in him after someone had opened it from its original sterile packaging.

I never had a case I wasn't able to beat but as they continue to hire people with less common sense that God gave a rock, that will be a more difficult battle.

Luckily, I've not heard of a case in quite some time of TSA idiots on GA ramps trying to harass privately operated aircraft. But, I fear worse is coming. That agency has far too much power and run by little common sense.
Eric Kulisch 2
Interesting anecdote. With industry doing most of the inspections now and having a program that goes beyond Known Shipper to more like a government-validated Known Consignor, hopefully these types of situations don't crop up much anymore. That's part of the idea, I think, so not relying on TSA inspectors who aren't familiar with industry as last line of defense.
Alan Macdonald 2
I can see my next day Express delivery becoming a next week one if this pans out. This is the first I have read of this proposal and wonder who on earth would have thought to get the TSA (Tired, Slow and Aimless) involved. It's a pity Eric that your original goof wasn't correct as I would much rather see the FAA handling this as long as there's not too much in the way of technical detail involved but suppose they could delegate those responsibilities to Fedex, DHL, Atlas etc etc, what could go wrong.
Eric Kulisch 1
Everyone, I goofed in my headline here. Should read "TSA" not "FAA." Working to get that fixed.
Eric Kulisch 1

FedEx, UPS and DHL already have pretty tight security b/c they operated closed networks, no handoffs, but this will obviously require more inspection capability and money. Remember, however, this rule would just apply to U.S. exports, not internal domestic moves.
jptq63 1
As mentioned by Eric this would apply to U.S. EXPORTS and think they would do something like this in the article ---In fact, the International Civil Aviation Organization standard provides two optional substitutes for physical screening. Governments can establish a Known Consignor program for entities that demonstrate they have secure facilities and follow top security protocols, or they can allow approved businesses to screen shipments themselves or use certified third parties. --- My general thought is more on IMPORTS to the USA, as I think more is Imported into the USA vs. Exported from the USA via air. I.e. view more gains / food stuff and heavy equipment (CAT for example) usually export via shipping and small items (cell phones...) get Imported via air. May increase cost and influence shipping of many consumer items toward sea based shipping vs. air cargo.


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