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FAA issues dry ice alert to airlines carrying vaccines

The more dry ice carried in a plane, the less room for medicines. The latest COVID vaccines require a lot of dry ice and airlines are trying to squeeze in as much as possible. Be careful, the FAA warns. ( さらに...

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mbrews 3
The SAFO 20017 is well worth reading. Dangers arise from CO2 sublimation when dry ice is carried in cargo compartments of pressurized aircraft. Change in state to gaseous CO2 can cause weight & CG changes due to dry ice sublimation. Buildup of CO2 in cargo holds can be especially dangerous to ground crews when opening / entering cargo compartments. Since CO2 is heavier than air, it tends to accumulate at low points.
Jasper Buck 3
The FAA is always sensitive to stuff like this. Fact is the FAA's Office of Aviation Medicine first issued advisory information about "Hazards Associated with Sublimation of Solid Carbon Dioxide (Dry Ice) Aboard Aircraft" way back in May 1974 in Advisory Circular AC 91-76A. Which can be found here:

Still, it doesn't hurt to remind operators to use caution when working with dry ice.

bbabis 1
I would imagine the PF being on 100% oxygen wouldn't be a bad idea either.


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