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EU imposes tariffs on $4B of US goods over Boeing

The European Union on Monday announced that it was putting in place tariffs on $4 billion of American products based on a trade dispute over aerospace company Boeing. "Regrettably, due to lack of progress with the U.S., we had no other choice but to impose these countermeasures," European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis said. The World Trade Organization (WTO) last month sided with Europe in the years-long dispute, faulting the U.S. government for breaking trade law by… ( さらに...

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airuphere 4
This is Trumps fault. You can go place lopsided tariffs on our ALLIES and not expect them to get fed up eventually. Tariffs on these goods damage our economy eventually. He got lucky and got some jobs moved here to avoid tariffs at first, but in the long run they do us no good.
Ra1n 4
The truth of the matter is that both the EU and the US have lopsided tariffs on imports in specific industries from one another; this is nothing new and, in in fact, predates Trump. While Trump may not have solved the issues, at least it has been much more publicised.

Unfortunately, this has all been overly politicalized as well, and with one side (both intra- and inter- nationally) doesn't want to negotiate with the other, no progress is made.
airuphere 1
** can’t go. (Flight aware please introduce an edit function already. It can track edits display them whatever - easy to impliment)
patrick baker 4
impositions of tariffs means two things at least to me: mutual talks went nowhere because there was no urgency to resolve anything, and both sides will erect trade barriers and collect monies on imports. Tariff history shows stalemate, and later obstinence. Not how allies/friends deal with each other. NOt long term productive behavior on either side. Also, just losers , never winners. Both sides.


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