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Air Force helicopter shot while flying over Virginia; crew member injured

An Air Force UH-1N Huey helicopter was forced to conduct an emergency landing at a local airport in Manassas, Virginia, Monday after being shot from the ground. ( More...

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I certainly hope they can identify where the shot came from and arrest the idiot that was shooting at our troops. I pray our pilot will be okay.
James Simms 5
They picked one of the “White Tops” of the 1st Helicopter Squadron to shoot @. Not smart anytime but especially one w/a high profile mission.

Wiki:“The 1st Helicopter Squadron's primary mission is to be prepared to evacuate high-ranking personnel from the Capital area in the event of a national emergency. It also supports Washington D.C. area airlift for high-ranking Executive Branch, dignitaries, military leaders and other VIPs. The squadron also supports search and rescue missions.” It goes on to say “ Since activation in 1969 the 1st Helicopter Squadron has provided local airlift for the Executive Department, high-ranking dignitaries, and distinguished visitors, as well as support for emergency evacuation of key government officials, search and rescue, and emergency medical evacuation. The squadron maintains a helicopter on alert for short notice mission assignments.”
Edward Ludwig 3
We were shot at in northern GA in a uh-1h many years ago. when I was flying through Nebraska and contacted Lincoln approach for landing, we were told to climb and maintain 7000 mSL until 4 miles out. The reason being someone was rustling cattle with helicopters and the ranchers weren't very happy about it.
My first thought was marijuana or maybe meth, I'm sure it was the FBI's first thought they'll search area and local homes to find this A-hole. I was happy to hear the pilot was released from hospital.
bbabis 2
Marijuana crop growers have been known to shoot at helicopters that get too close.
I've heard the same in regards to moonshiners, still seems like a poor plan as it will only draw more attention to the area.
Patrick Covil -5
And unnecessary since military pilots have to forget what they see.
Certainly not good when our on Military Aircraft are being shot at and so close to D.C.
I live in prince William county that’s not to far from mannasses regional (Maybe 15 minutes) (where I’m doing my flight training) And these heuys flew over my house in a two ship, maybe 15-20 minutes before the incident.
john doe 1
US military is still flying Hueys, then. I was thinking those roles had long since transitioned to the Blackhawk.
WhiteKnight77 3
Yes, the Marines are still flying Hueys and Cobras with the UH-1Y Venom being an all new aircraft first delivered in 2008 with the last one to be delivered supposedly in 2018. The AH-1Z Viper was first delivered in 2005 and is an upgrade to the existing fleet with a four bladed rotorhead and other improvements as well.
FAwareM -8
Guessing this was just of one of Slow Joe's followers taking his advice to simply fire off two warning shots. Of course, he has no recollection of making that comment, or any other past ten minutes ago...

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WhiteKnight77 6
The "white tops" that fly the President and other VIPs around are from HMX-1 which is stationed at Quantico MCAF, not Andrews.
No need to give Info out about were and what.
WhiteKnight77 2
Readily found information on the internet. I know about it due to being former aircrew in the Marines.
QAnon, OANN Fox and their followers never pass up opportunities to make up new conspiracy theories.

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matt jensen -5
After you've had gallons of liquid from the sky (not blue) onto you, your vehicles and yourself, you will believe in that too. I was working in Montana and came out of the house one morning to see a checkerboard in the sky and everything covered in a sticky liquid mess.
I got sick the following week after repeated dousings. Took me a year to feel better, was on O2 for a month - couldn't breathe - and couldn't fly either. One thing I haven't seen in past six months is the checkerboard up high.
WhiteKnight77 5
Anyone who seriously believes in the chemtrail theory needs to have their head examined. None of us would be walking around now if that were true as contrails were readily visible and created as far back as WWII. Now, depending on where you live, you might find the military (the Air Force) spraying for mosquitoes or crop dusters spraying fields. Both tend to fly low to the ground, depending on who it is.
isababe M -8
Kevin, you are right. IMHO that was a Black Hat attack to intimidate. Infiltrators are in this platform as well. David Rice FU in advance you shill, SYOC.
s s -1
I want to believe.


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