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FlightAware: Major Business Aviation Stakeholders Establish Clean Flying Coalition

FlightAware is proud to announce the formation of the CleanFlying coalition, a not-for-profit group of private aviation stakeholders who are committed to promoting and implementing best health practices in the post Covid-19 era for the safety of the passengers. Founding members include: Atlantic Aviation, FlightAware, FlightSafety International, ForeFlight, Global Appearance Partners, Go Rentals, Keystone Aviation, SIMCOM, and TAC Air. The CleanFlying coalition was formed by FlightAware with a… ( More...

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Chuck Lavazzi 1
Good idea. Honestly, it has been too easy in the past to catch a cold or even the seasonal flu on a flight in the past. I know I have done the former (but not the latter, happily). When it's just a cold it's not a huge deal, but the novel coronavirus is a much nastier and far more deadly bug.


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