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Alaska Airlines starts flying Embraer 175 jet in Alaska

Alaska Airlines will start flying the Embraer 175 jet aircraft in the state of Alaska starting in October 2020. ( さらに...

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I am hoping they bring these to Kodiak I like the faster boarding times of the smaller aircraft for our 1-hour flight. A competing airline that recently went out of business flew Dash8s and while I liked the planes there was a reason they went out of business and it wasn't COVID, though they are going to get taxpayer relief funds. One question. Alaska Air has a benefit program for Alaskans called Club 49 we are allowed three bags in the state for no charge, will the 175 be able to keep up with the higher luggage loads that are needed for the small communities outside of Anchorage that will now be served by the 175 instead of the 737?


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