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Video: Blue Angels and Thunderbirds aim for flyover of Baltimore, Atlanta and DC this weekend

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels and U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds performed a very rare joint flyover above New York City, Trenton, Newark, and Philadelphia on Wednesday to honor health care and essential workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. ( More...

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chugheset 2
It would be great if FlightAware could track the progress of these flights as they transit between the three main cities. Presumably they will be flying over a large part of the East Coast and it would be fun to wave as they pass overhead!
Lee Withers 1
Question. In the video the AF and Navy planes were refueled in different ways, do tanker have the ability to do either way or are they single purpose?
Nick Mesch 1
Tankers have flying boom for AF and drogue for Navy and Marine Corp.
SmokedChops 1
I believe the new KC-46 Pegasus will have both capabilities from the outset. KC-135 modified with wing mounted HDU's are available, don't know how common they are. (Sargeant-Fletcher pods-also adapted to smaller aircraft KA-6 Intruder, KA-3 Skywarrior platforms)


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