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Blackbird Forum 2019, Crew Panel - Museum of Flight, Seattle

On September 14th and 15, 2019, members of the Blackbird Association (known as 'Habus') visited the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA, to entertain, educate, and engage Museum visitors with their real-life stories about flying and maintaining the incredible SR-71 Blackbird. ( More...

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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Part 1

I think I upload Part 4 as the link in the Squawk in error.
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The person who is listed as crew chief on the gear door passed away last month. Bill Reynolds was in charge of them at Beal he also did the speed run logistics for the AC too. Quite a fellow who retired from the AF after 30 years of service. Was well after he retired that he would talk about them. He loved his job taking care of them he told me one day years back.


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