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Delta Air Lines wants 200 Boeing 797, if launched

Atlanta - The US carrier Delta Air Lines has again expressed its desire to add Boeing's future mid-sized jetliner (NMA) to its fleet. ( More...

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It does make one ask what it might take developmental wise, to retool a 757 derivative with modern wings, engines, and avionics.
Certainly the development cost would be far less than a clean sheet aircraft.
"The exact reasons Boeing is what the they are now"
john kilcher 2
Suure, we learned as much from the Max 8, didn't we?
paul gilpin 1
the only ones to ask are the shareholders.
mr. and ms. or they and them, "how do you want to design an airplane?"
because boring will not ask the engineers the same question.
I hope the B797 could be launched soon. As a frerquent flyer, I don't want to squeeze myself in a B737 or an A321 to travel long distances.
The B757 and B767 were good compromises, and while the B767 today is well replaced by the B787, there's not a valid substitute for the B757.
Design and build your own plane man ( if you are Italian) or lady if you are from.any other country on earth.
James Green 2
Not to be too crude But, I'm not too sure that Boeing has the Balls to retool the 757...Or should I say a handle on it's EGO to retool instead of starting from scratch. Of course there are designs galore but the $'s needed....well, I'm done.
James Green 2
When we think of's always been the newer, the better. What has occurred with Boeing has been a shocker to say the least. But, as you just heard. "I'll take 200 of the 797 sight unseen". That has the way it's always been with aircraft buying.
Retooling the 757's is one way around it COYOTEHUNTER...and that is an aircraft I have always liked. But, is that the way to go. Even for the industry itself, would they accept retooling over new designing? There lies the Big question.
tony buford 2
Boeing needs to get off their ass and start NMA program or airlines will forgo for A321xlr and other jets, so sad. What would Joe Sutter would say. Boeing answers too much to conservative shareholders.
William Boeing, who founded the Boeing Airplane Company back in 1916, would be rolling over in his grave if he saw how his company was being run today. Today's executives are only wanting the cheapest possible way to put an aircraft in the sky. When I was in the Air Force back in the early 60s, I flew on many Boeing built aircraft and later worked for a major airline who flew mostly Boeing built aircraft. We used to say that when better aircraft are built that it will always be Boeing who will build them. Unfortunately, this is no longer true because of today's executives thinking cheap in trying to keep the stockholders happy. The bottom line is that it is all about money and no longer safety in the skies. So, so sad.
Don Quixote 4
GOOD! This will be fantastic.
why 797? just make a 757 Max
It is too late for that. Boeing decided a long time ago it would rather continue recycling the same airframe through several generations instead of creating the second generation of the 757. Airline's realized the 737-900 was a pig and didn't have the range they wanted fully loaded, so Boeing responded with the ER which, technically is more capable, but still doesn't quite fill the role of the 757.
Both Boeing and Airbus now know that it's not a good idea to equip small airframes with new and larger engines.
Kyle Beller 0
Yea... since re-engining old air frames has worked out so well for Boeing. Rush a 757MAX into service. great idea...
Joao Ponces 2
This is just a silly issue! Boeing already has the B-787-8, and airbus the A321! They are both the perfect replacement for the B-767 and B-757, so why invent something in a rush? Not enough the disaster of the MAX?
brian Gaskill 4
A mom replacement A/C will be considerably lighter than a 878. 87's were built for extremely long haul and are very thick in order to get that lower pressurization. A 57/67 replacement doesn't have to have all the extra weight to carry the same amount of pax a shorter distance.

I flew on a 572 last week...CLT to PHX on AA. I don't mind the 321 and its way late in the season to worry about heat in the desert, but it's certainly comforting to know you're on a plane that has enough power to get itself out of any sort of predicament and then some...and those powerplants are so great to listen to as they spool up and rocket outta dodge. I'll sure miss her...
Edward Bardes 1
They want planes that can fly long ranges on low demand routes.
airuphere 1
I’ll take 200 of “a future product that hasn’t been committed to” as well. This is speculation.. As per the article boeing backed out of the launch in Paris 2019 & will make the decision to launch or not to launch in 2020.. don’t get me wrong 797 makes sense for the gap 757-767s leave and after the Max issues I can see the desire for the new a/c and not stretching / shrinking 87s and 321s to fill the gap
Also, I have a hunch that once the 797 gets launched Boeing will turn their sights to developing a 737 follow-on out of Boeing Brazil.


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