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Plane crash at Kerrville TX

Twin engine Beech BE58 crashed during landing attempt near 9am ( さらに...

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Terry Gaus 12
Looking at the accident scene photos, it appears that the aircraft came straight down, possibly in a flat spin, with little to no forward speed. Note the absence of a debris trail behind the aircraft, the terrain abruptly rising behind the aircraft with no scrape markings indicating that it was NOT in a glide, the downward failure of the outboard portions of the wings, and the fact that everything is pretty much in one place. Absence of a post-crash fire also indicates low to no fuel on board at the time of impact.
Not too sure of a spin, the rudder is dead neutral, but he hit flat as in aft of the aft cg limit flat. 58 Barons, A36 Bonanzas, Senecas, Saratogas all have that 6 seat allure with the "but you can't use the last two" caveat. At least not for large adults! The only thing in that category i would really put six adults in is a C210 or 206. And then you gotta do the math. No gas, no burn, more aft cg.
ADXbear 7
Please stop news stories that require paid subscriptions..
royalbfh 6
click on the top link. went right to story.
No fire. Was this another case of stretching fuel too far?
Express News dot Com has the report "Construction worker Rodney Simmons, 48, was starting his work day at Las Colinas subdivision near this Hill Country town when he heard a plane “struggle against the wind.”

“I looked over and watched him drop down out of the clouds,” Simmons said. “The rear end of the plane was real low, like he was trying to stay in the air. It was like he was dragging the tail end of that plane. Like he had a lot of weight in the back or something.”

The plane flew southward into the wind, Simmons said, then “banked to the right, real hard, and just flipped on over, upside down, and nose-dived to the ground.”
I'd verify whether that course would be proper for prevailing winds runway. Couple of them had property nearby there they had said they were going to look at. One witness said they were real low. Seeing he had a good deal of flaps out and the number onboard could of been near max I'm thinking behind the power curve related to going low setting flaps for going slow for a look at theirs or others property nearby. Not a good place to be behind the power curve heavy with flaps.
To quote a friend,


Gotta have it."

Too heavy, too slow, and may have lost an engine or both. From pictures it looks like the right engine was not turning because the propeller blades do not appear deformed. Cannot tell about the left but one or more blades appear to chopped off.
how very sad for the friends and families of these were all from the Houston area and associated in some way with real estate..from the overhead photos on the news of the aircraft,there appeared to have been no fire,as it seemed fairly intact with the exception of the roof and a few scattered pieces..witnesss said they heard "sputtering" as the aircraft did some turns and then plunged nose first downward..

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btweston 10
Could you rephrase your jibberish? Maybe add some punctuation?

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