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Foreign ownership of thousands of aircraft registered to Onalaska address

Onalaska, TX address are used to register thousands of planes under foreign ownership. There is no airstrip in Onalaska. ( さらに...

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I don't see public risk. TVPX for example, has many trusts, to protect the identity of it's clients. And I would venture a guess that a large percentage of those clients are not foreign entities. It's more about privacy, and in some cases, tax liability.

One big name corporation in Atlanta has all it's aircraft placed in trusts, so that their whereabouts and business are kept private. (You will note that most if not all TVPX trust aircraft are blocked on sites like FlightAware - I can see them on ADS-B, but have no idea who they really are) TVPX is a high volume business.

Trusts exist all over the place, for a number of different reasons. From Farmers to Lottery winners. But the biggest reason is privacy.

Getting back on point, I don't think eliminating aircraft trusts is the solution. Instead, scrutinizing the Trustees to be more transparent for regulatory enforcement, yet protecting those who desire their anonymity. If we start eliminating aircraft trusts, what would be next? The trust for your children? For Charities?


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