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Air NZ Boeing 777-300 Hit by Another Plane at Los Angeles Airport

An Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 has been hit by another plane on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport. The plane was parked on the gate and ready for boarding when its horizontal stabiliser was clipped by an aircraft from another airline. ( More...

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william baker 1
What is this like 6 or 7 ground accidents in the last year??? Time to get serious boys and gals and pull your pants up and find a way to prevent this. First way would be to watch what the hell your doing. Fly and taxi the plane. Don’t just sit there and say oops we got distracted.
Suddenly, folding wing-tips seem like a good idea!. But nevertheless, better attention and spatial awareness by the drivers would also help.

In fairness, it's not just the drivers - a BA 777-200 had a tear in the fuselage from sloppy/careless positioning of an airbridge at Toronto Pearson recently.


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