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GMU Falcon 50 - The plot thickens

Anyone familiar with this operation and how non-type rated pilot(s) could have been operating this airplane? What about insurance implications? ( More...

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Highflyer1950 7
Never had any trouble in any country with ramp checks. We had a binder that showed currency on everything from licenses to insurance to certificates of training, C of A, C of R, radio lic etc. When the feds showed up, show them the binder and bam, check is overwith in 5 min. Most commented on why dosen’t everyone do this?
bbabis 2
An old airctaft not even minimally crewed makes one wunder how it was maintained. Still need CVR and FDR data if available.
bbabis 2
The prelim report states that the aircraft landed normally, the No.2 TR deployed, and then little deceleration until it exited the end of the runway. Sounds like little or no brakes. The report further states the Anti-Skid switch was in the No.1 position and had an INOP placard on it dated the day of the accident. An untrained crew with critical maintenance was being deferred was an accident looking for a place to happen and it happened here.
wingbolt 4
I’m more worried about the vulture in Washington that will “get to the bottom of this so we can protect the flying public” for political gain and votes. Probably ramp checks out the wazoo for a while.
ffrcobra1 4
An unqualified crew out playing pilot and endangering the flying public, the motoring public and all the rest of the public they’re flying over. If more ramp checks deter just one of these half-a$$ cowboy operations I’m all for it. Events like this give all of business aviation and the millions of people employed by it a giant black eye.
bentwing60 2
"Runway 01/19 is 5,393 feet long and has an Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) installed on the end of Runway 01 to safely slow aircraft following an overrun. There was no EMAS at the end of Runway 19, which was in use yesterday afternoon. Weather just shortly after the accident was reported as VFR—visibility of 10 miles and an overcast layer at 3,100 feet—with winds from 200 degrees at eight knots". AINonline. Good VFR. Kinda wish they would quit emphasizing the EMAS on the runway "not in use" because we don't opt for the EMAS equipped runway, we opt for the one in use! I agree with your point, however, wingbolt is spot on, the ramp check is the last thing that will get these guys. If the FAA folks responsible for this operators base airport didn't have a clue how outside the box he was operating a DA50 I suspect he was just as adept at dodging a ramp check. When you read my sorta funny tale below you will get that it's more of a sarcastic indictment of the FAA than a humorous event in my career.
wingbolt 1
I don’t mind the ramp checks but most of mine has been conducted by an inspector that was clueless. Won’t solve a thing.
bentwing60 3
Hangin out on the ramp at SBN killin time on a charter while Texas played Notre Dame. Needless to say, the ramp was full of charter, 91 airplanes and the crew lounge and FBO were just as full. The ramp gate opens and in comes the Chevy Vega wagon or whatever they drove back then and after they park, out come two of the most obvious feds. you could ever Not want to see. They wander around for a few minutes sizing up the possible victims. 5 minutes (who knows) later a pristine J3 comes in and parks in the forest of jets. You guessed it, Barney and crew bee line over and ramp the two young guys that get out. After the inquisition Barney and crew get in the Vega and drive off, box checked, I guess, that they had ramped somebody at SBN on a football day. I guess you could make this stuff up, but you don't have to. Cheers.
wingbolt 1
I was going to call BS on this story until the Chevy Vega part come up. Beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s true!
gordon turner -2
Vulture in Washington? Can you be more specific?
Russell Hill 1
Citation Shares used such a many ways CS wasa good company. Pitya group of disgruntled group of pilots formed a union and made very attractive demands, but CA might not have made it anyway.
ADXbear 1
Oh there will be more heads falling, lawsuits filed against the Mgmt of the acft, Insurances etc.. the process that should or will now take place to verify quailifications.. sux people think they can just do what they want.
Manager of the aircraft passed away in the accident. He was flying right seat. He also did the maintenance etc. Hopefully the insurance company will pay out to the victims to avoid a lawsuit even though there will be a voided insurance policy (provided it was even in place)
bbabis 1
I think the aircraft insurer will walk. Estates of those involved will be most at risk.
Chris B 1
I know Kgmu well. Its plenty capable of landing larger aircraft than this. Fedex gave the training school a 727 which landed there.....

Always assumed type rating at that level is a requirement for insurance. The legal vultures are probably already circling the wreckage.

Wishing everyone could have walked away.
belzybob 1
One of the original marketing points for the DA50 was its ability to operate in and out of 5000' runways, Downtown offers just over 6000'.
linbb 2
Has nothing to do with marketing in this crash the crew didn't have the right training to fly this let alone try to get it into this airport. By the way it doesn't take 5K to land this either its about half that under normal conditions takeoff balanced is right at the runway limit.
Ric Wernicke 2
I believe that marketing point assumes that the crew is qualified...
belzybob 3
Obviously...just one less reason to blame the aeroplane.
Carl Smeraldi -1
linbb 2
So how are you going to do that? Anyone can get into an AC along with fake papers can fly any type of AC also that was proven over seas a year or so back. It was an airliner with a known carrier doing it. Turned out there were several others who were not qualified to fly them too.
Just like other things that require ratings fake papers are easy to get and look real unless a very good background check is made. Seems some people in power have even faked there school history and got away with it for years.
Carl Smeraldi 1
You are exactly correct what a terrible situation . Enjoy your night my friend safe flight to you .


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