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Is This The End Of A Dream…Liner?

The sight of an airliner being scrapped is a horrifying thing. Whether it is because the plane had been flying for decades, or because it suffered an incident that couldn’t be replaced, seeing an airplane being destroyed by the powerful metallic jaws of a machine is indeed unpleasant. To the surprise of many, reports have come in from Seattle that N787FT, the fifth Boeing 787 Dreamliner ever built, has gone through this very fate. ( さらに...

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How can a machine being dismantled be horrifying, much less unpleasant? It happens every day be it aircraft, automobiles, or locomotives. Does the writer get weepy-eyed when they replace his or her water heater?
I have to admit that the dismantling of that aircraft is pretty tame. On the other hand, I got to be a spectator at the decommissioning of a B-52 that i crewed on. They cut it into pieces with a big guillotine. That was unsettling for some reason.


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