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Three injured as another plane window breaks

A domestic Air India flight has added to an already eventful week in commercial aviation. Severe turbulence on a flight from from the north-western city of Amritsar to capital city Delhi saw a window detach at 15,000 feet - an event eerily similar to the Southwest Airlines 1380 incident last Tuesday. A video shows a flight attendant desperately attempting to fix a window panel on the 787 Dreamliner, which was violently shaken about shortly after take off last Thursday, the Daily Mail reported. ( さらに...

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wx1996 8
How is this similar to Southwest 1380?

The video shows one an internal window panels with a fit problem. The panel is there for insulation and keeping the cold away from passengers at attitude. It has nothing to do with the seal that keeps air inside the plane.

How did this injure a passenger?

Turbulence injured three passengers, most likely because they were not wearing their seat belts.

It is sensationalism like this the gives passengers fear. Why not give them facts. A windows panel with the sole purpose to keep cold away from passenger came off inside the plane. It was not a safety of flight problem and the plane was not in any danger from this. The plane was not close to loosing a window or sucking passengers out.
linbb 2
Who in the hell posted that headline? Stupid post as window didn't break and its a cover over the window dummy DUH.
Personally i think most airline operators should check there maintenance schedules and updates of there aircraft as they enter overhauls. This way inspections can be carried out to ensure there certified to fly
linbb 0
And personally I think you are dumb and know little about aircraft or how they are maintained. Must be another troll posting on here think before you post.
Is this an example of the pot calling the kettle black?


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