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Here Are Six Reasons Why The Bombardier C-Series Could Be The Next Big Thing In Commercial Aviation

After getting off to a rocky start, Bombardier’s C-Series jets are uniquely positioned to become the next big thing in aviation. That is, if they do not incite an international trade war first. ( さらに...

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Randall Kimm 1
Boeing just updates its traditional models. Bombardier C-series is the first green jet in the world given a 20% savings on fuel because of the NexGen C-Series aircraft have reduced the weight and significantly by using the latest composite materials and the latest cockpit of the future today. It's popular in European communities because of the reduced noise pollution and their carbon footprint is at the lowest level in the world.There is more natural light in these models because of the largest windows in commercial aviation.The C-Series has the largest overhead luggage bins on anything flying. Air Baltic just converted its options into 10 new orders. As more people are exposed to the comfort of this aircraft will improve it's sales record and operational data confirm the claims made by Bombardier. Its just a matter of time. Don't be surprised if they role out a C-Series 500 model very soon. Count on it, Airbus has the expertise and resources to really drive this program. Boeing thought they could bully their neighbours aviation sector. Canada is the largest trading partner of the United States . Stupid moves on all accounts by Boeing. Their sleazy games and tricks just came to an abrupt end. Lot's of contracts have already been cancelled. Pity.


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