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Leasing company plans to operate its own A380 airline

Amedeo intends to sell seats in its own A380 to other providers such as airlines, travel agencies as well as non-sector companies such as Airbnb. ( さらに...

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rapidwolve 4
Now that is using the old noggin for something more than keeping the ears separated.
indy2001 5
It would be interesting to see how many hoops a startup airline like this must jump through, especially when starting international service. Also, since this new airline would most likely configure the aircraft to maximize the number of passengers, we might see how accurate Airbus' claim of 853 passengers is. Having seen how uncomfortable economy seats are on an A380 with a much smaller capacity, I can't imagine how miserable this would be on a long haul flight. Count me out.
Michael Sheridan 5
They're desperate. They're on the hook for a plane nobody wants. And Singapore and others are looking to sell theirs, creating a glut of A-380s.
matt jensen 3
When the price is right, they will be scooping them up. I flew on two QF flights - Joberg-Syd-Dfw and they are great. Far nicer in economy than most other carriers.
worldavi -1
So....which of you are lying about the "economy" service on this bird? Matt or Indy.....not making any sense.
rapidwolve 2
WTH said anyone was lying??..not all airlines have comfortable seats in economy because they try and cram as many as isn't up to the airline manufacture to dictates the seating arrangement, it's up to the individual airlines!


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