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Beijing Proudly Unveils Mega-Airport Due to Open in 2019

BEIJING (Reuters) - China’s capital unveiled the “shining example” of its 80 billion yuan (£9.1 billion) new airport on Monday, tipped to become one of the world’s largest when it opens in October 2019 amid a massive infrastructure drive overseen by President Xi Jinping. ( More...

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744pnf 3
And the landowners whose property was utilized?
jagerardi 3
I go to Beijing every year for Chinese New year: the current Beijing airport is huge. This one has to be ginormous.

Dl TL 2
Looks like it will be a great place.
This article directly below the item about China making fake parts...
John Anderson 0
What will the runway configuration be? Hopefully they learned from the old Hong Kong Airport.


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