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Airliner flies with gear down, diverts due to low fuel

Air India has grounded two pilots who forgot to retract aircraft landing gear after take off and then flew all the way from Kolkata to Nagpur with the wheels out. While the flight's destination was Mumbai, flying with the wheels out meant flying low and more fuel burn due to which the plane had to land at Nagpur after running low on fuel. ( さらに...

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Well, that's a drag!
Pileits 5
DUH, what do those 3 green lights mean?
CVR transcript might be interesting.
will take ages to get CVR and then the files will get misplaced .... that's governance the Indian way
Then again, with a 30-120 minute capacity, they may have just accidentally let it run and overwrite.
FYI in my dear land the CCTV system generally does not operate when something happens. This is true ALL OVER the land. In very few cases the CCTV footage comes in handy but which gets lost during the prolonged investigation
In my dear "Incredible India" everything and anything is possible to accomplish "Mission cover-up"
btweston 1
Listen closely for the sound of a water bong.
Interesting to see that this article from an Indian newspaper pointedly refers to the two "women" pilots who made the mistake. If the two pilots had been men, would the newspaper have stated that fact. Probably not. While women are legally equal to men in that country, the culture there says otherwise.
I thought the same exact thing, Brent. Oddly enough, the jackwagon PIC of ACA759 who nearly killed a 1000 people earlier this month at SFO was male.

Idiocy and brain farts in these circumstances are gender-neutral.
Hey, that not their (pilots) faults, the Airbus is supposed to fly itself.
Must have been really noisy in that cockpit, not to mention staring at those little green lights for over a hour saying "aren't they pretty"?
Using those new invisi-checklists while turning up the comms.
Seriously, I would love to five the crew the benefit of doubt, as in, the gear pins were not removed and they made the unwise decision to continue to destination rather than return.
So who did the walk around? Last I saw, gear pins have flags on them.
Am reminded of:

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have.

And then there are the checklists.
I've got a sort of dumb but semi-related question. Looked through POH for an A320 and found the following speeds: Landing Gear Limit Speeds - Vlo/Vle (KIAS/MACH) Retraction - Vlo 220, Extension - Vlo 250, Extended - Vle 280 / .67, Maximum Tire Speed 195 Knots Groundspeed.

Why is there a 30 KIAS difference for retraction and extension? Is it that gravity assists the hydraulic system so it can deploy the gear at a faster airspeed than it can be retracted, thus the limit is hydraulic load rather than structural loads, and the structural load limit is the 280 KIAS gear extended limit?
Lock900 4
Mainly related to the nose gear needing to fight the the air as it is pulled up (and into the air).
30west 3

The reason the landing gear operating speed limitation (Vlo) is lower than the landing gear extended speed (Vle) is because the landing gear doors that close after the landing gear are fully extended are subject to damage due to the higher airspeed. Once the landing gear are fully extended, most of the landing gear doors return to the closed position depending on the aircraft type. Some landing gear doors on various aircraft types remain open to the air flow after the landing gear is fully extended, these doors are designed to withstand the additional stress they are subject to at the higher airspeed at Vle.
Thanks for the response, I understand the Vlo / Vle difference. It is the Vlo Extension vs Vlo retraction speed difference I didn't understand, the same doors would be operating in booth situations. I think I understand it with Lock900's response, extension occurs with the nose gear moving in the direction of airflow, and during retraction the nose gear is opposing the airflow.
30west 2

Sorry, I didn't pick up the V speeds distinction in your original post as I read it then. From personal experience I have never seen the limitation on extending vs. retracting. That being said I have never flown the Airbus, but I have flown Boeings, DC9/MD-80 series and a couple corporate jets and that limitation difference didn't exist on any of those. Lock900's post seems ok to me as a limitation on the 'bus. No reason not to in my thinking.
Incredible India ! A slogan to promote tourism in India
(for my fellow Indians - Mera Bharat mahan ... aur janta pareshan )
People who think up these slogans often do not think through the all the interpretations. Chevron canceled 'Our concern is growing' after it was pointed out how many different ways 'concern' could be used.
btweston 1
Wow. Were they high!

"Hey, man, it won't climb anymore and we're 10,000 feet below our cruising altitude and burning a crazy amount of fuel."

"Ah, f*%# it, dude. You're harshing my mellow."

"Yeah, sorry. Want another hit, man?"
You may want to read the article again, they were Dudettes...
maybe the benefit of the doubt that his point was they were so wasted as to forget gender. Then again, maybe not.
btweston 1
Apparently you've never smoked pot with girls.
At least they had enough sense not to fly the thing out of gas, hellbent on getting to Mumbai...
AVHerald title calls it "inexplicable" performance degradation
Wlb464 1
At least everyone is safe.
Flight track for AIC676 that diverted --
"They have lady pilots. They're not that good, but they have 'em"

- Adam Carolla, The Man Show!


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