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Melbourne Airport Bomb Threat

Police have defended their response to a bomb threat on a Malaysia Airlines plane at Melbourne Airport, after passengers complained they were forced to wait 90 terrifying minutes on the tarmac for officers to board. Flight MH128 from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back shortly after take-off when a man tried to enter the cockpit while carrying what police described as a "speaker-type" object. ( さらに...

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pretty hard to defend a total lack of response
I suspect that there was poor communication between crew and security forces. If they knew that the only culprit was trussed up and unable to move and the suspect bomb was away from him they would of been able to enter the aircraft safely upon landing to remove him and the passengers urgently so that the suspect bomb could be dealt with away from them appropriately.
That was the complaint the police were fully aware of the situation from the start. The crew were in touch with them and kept the up to date. We have a problem with the police handling "terrorist" actions in Oz. Seems the Gov wants to let the defence force to handle it, but that can be a problem anywhere but the major cities.
The problem also was that the AFP (Australian Federal Police) did not believe that they were able to respond to the incident instead calling in the state (Victoria Police.) The AFP is responsible for policing airports and yet cannot deal with a security incident such as this at a major Australia airport. This would account for some of the delay.


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