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Supersonic Planes Are Mounting a Comeback—Without That Earth-Shaking Boom

TWO THINGS EXPLAIN why you aren’t jetting across the country at the speed of sound: cost, and noise. Forty-eight years after the Concorde made its first flight, supersonic commercial aircraft remain enormously complex and prohibitively expensive. They also generate an inevitable sonic boom so disruptive that Congress banned the Concorde from overland routes. But advancements in materials and aerodynamics, coupled with an industry embrace of business jets, could see commercial aircraft achieving… ( さらに...

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Alan Dahl 4
The 45-seat BOOM aircraft has business-class seating according to their website which makes sense given the market they are targeting. I wonder how many passengers it could hold with Concorde-style seating? 80 perhaps? Given airline’s proclivity for cramming in as many passengers as possible one has to wonder whether the bulk of their aircraft will actually have just 45 seats?
Betty Blackwell 1
Great article.
lynx318 1
Do we really need it?
Mike Williams -5
With my memory an Air Force pilot broke the rules and broke the windows or several houses north of Tucson. The pilot should have been be beaten in some way.


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