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'Who wants pizza?': WestJet pilot buys food for stranded Air Canada passengers

A WestJet pilot is earning high praise after paying for pizza for passengers that got rerouted while travelling to St. John's — on an Air Canada flight. ( More...

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william baker 4
This goes to show not only a great pilot but also a fair game of competing with one another. He stood up didn't say anything bad about Air Canada yet still too care of there Passangers in a fair way or in my words 'Come fly westjet airlines we will take care of you'. GOOD JOB PILOT
Great PR for AC lol.....silly bean counters.
dardav 3
At Air Canada we're not happy til you're not happy
Loral Thomas 1
Sorry -- that's the FAA's moto!
Fantastic job by the Pilot and kudos to the culture at West Jet that says ....of course we can.
Randall Kimm 1
That act of kindness could double as a sadistic joke. Pizza has a proven tendency to promote flatulence particularly at higher altitudes. The smell in that aircraft had to be appalling as this was a well played noxious joke. WEST JET 1 //AIR CANADA 0.


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