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Trump's 'America First' policies are catapulting Boeing into dangerous territory

For a company like Boeing, President Donald Trump's "America First" policies, which represent a sharp departure for the US, threaten the way the corporation does business. Take its 787 Dreamliner. ( More...

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scott8733 7
I would presume that right behind Airbus - Bombardier is licking their chops for the mid range A/C market. The reality is most mfg's operate in this environment of being globally interconnected with component parts. This also goes for the automotive industry.

Fact is, while financially solvent nations might be able to afford an isolationist frame of mind - I have 20 trillion reasons to think the US isn't in that position.
Embraer, Bombardier, and Mitsubishi should be drooling a river from all of this. The latter two have a bit of catching up to do to Embraer, but thanks to Trump's inanity, he just opened up markets that were previously dominated by US products to international companies.

Have to love how that is "Making America Great Again." /s
scott8733 -1
LOL Brad- that made me think of the non-traditional hollering going on at the Mitsubishi head office......"Huwwy up awready and fix the damn aiw condition assho!"
Remember also that the Chinese expect to have the C919 in the air by 2018 (or was it 2019?).

Now, which nation was pushing the concept that "competition improves the breed" for many decades?

I always suspected that Trump meant "grate" - as in "Make America grate again"; it certainly is beginning to grate with me!
This will impact many of the US largest exporters both from a supply chain viewpoint and a a likely backlash of tariffs from other countries. My former employer (Caterpillar) will be impacted in the same way. Very shortsighted.
btweston 5
Well, you elect an insane fascist, you get an insane fascist.

But who needs a basic understanding of economics when you have hair like that?
mach6 0
He was elected, so you people calling him a 'fascist' all the time just makes you look ill-educated.
Eddie Abel 2
I agree that the name calling should stop. We have an excellent analysis and dialogue up to this comment. Exactly what we need. The world is too complex for solutions that aren't carefully researched and crafted. We need to make the case for how we wish to be governed and why.


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