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FlightAware announces the release of PiAware version 3.3

PiAware 3.3 is now available for new installations and upgrades. ( さらに...

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Anyone else having problems with it? Seems to work for a few hours then locks up for me and have to reboot.
I bought Windows 95, my first computer, more than 20 years ago. Three thousand bucks, custom made. I was hosting a 17-year-old foreign student from Germany then; he got me started. It's hard to believe changes since. What's next?
Very much so... I was actually way earlier than that running DOS and then Windows 3.0 as an application... WOW those memories... and running an 8088 processor no one complained about the speed until the 80286 processor and 16 bit came out and then all hell broke loose and no one knows where it is going to end because we are a long way from being there.
Having just retired from the Military (MC for 30 years) my first "computer" was a Tandy (yeah I know just didn't fully understand how terrible they were.) I can't imagine what a 100 years from now will bring. Having started my flying career off in 1968 and seeing the changes just imagine what these kids will have in the year 2117.
Meant to say that Tandy was bought in 90
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Heh, oh you kids....My first computer was a Zenith laptop, Z-86, with some order of DOS. More notable, I worked inside a computer, vacuum tube style, Sperry Rand Univac, at CIT, in 1959, as card puncher summers while in BSEE. Couple years later, learned machine language, Fortran, and worked with autocoder, an IMB 1401 language. Quit the career, became a pilot, King Airs, and DC-3 time. Started flying with first opportunity to fly in an AT-7, never forget it, became licensed in about 1959, while in BSEE school.

Computer wise, Now I swear by ASUS equipment for dependability, who believe in doing it right once, the first time, for a longer life done well, than most other brands.

Personally, Still working on starting a major blog project, involving American Patriotic knowledge, and vital medical research knowledge, translated to the public. See it at , they need contributions, and spreading the word. Long time not flying, due to technical health, but actually pretty fine, especially brain. Life is a continuing adventure and a continuing learning adventure. Sometimes you get to share it, and sometimes it's even important. Just like computers, you have to keep sharp, with all the new variations and products, or else! I was selling computer peripherals, when CPM vs. DOS was still a main argument among some.

Right on sparkie624 Great comments everyone. Harry here.
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Oops-IMB =>IBM. Typo, not a new form of HAL9000!!!
6 month old news???
Version 3.3 was released on January 23, 2017. Please review the full release notes in the post for a list of updates and changes.
Hey Eric,
I got confused as looking at the forum post it shows a post date of August 2016. My apologies.


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