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Emirates To Launch New Daily Service to Fort Lauderdale

Emirates today announced it will launch a daily service between Dubai and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, on December 15, 2016, serving the South Florida area, including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach. This will be Emirates’ 11th passenger route in the United States. ( さらに...

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since I can see fort Lauderdale airport when in line to land at Miami international airport, I am confused why emirates would not simply add a second daily flight, or some lesser number of second flights weekly going into Miami. The two are very close, so I am not sure of their intentions. Look up the coast a bit, find the three smokestacks, and there is fort Lauderdale airport just to the west.
canuck44 5
Qatar flies to MIA and connects with partner American Airlines as it does at a number of other One World hubs.

EK flying into FLL connects with code share partner Jet Blue which continues to expand from there. It also gives passengers access to many Southwest flights. EK connects with Jet Blue in Boston and New York as well and somewhat in Orlando. None of these should be looked at in isolation but are designed to be fed and to feed these "partners". EK code shares with WestJet in Canada.
Thanks. Good information on their strategy.
I believe Emirates does not currently fly to MIA. Qatar does according to an earlier post below
Dave Mills -2
Not especially significant in the overall scheme, but a particularly intriguing addition for us at FLL.
Does EK serve MIA?. B777 I assume to KFLL
canuck44 10
No, Qatar...known best at MIA for rearranging the approach lights with a 777.


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