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Plane crash in Tuscaloosa Co. (AL) kills 6 people

There were six people total on the plane, three males and three females. They were in town for four days to attend a doctors’ convention in Orlando, FL. They left for Oxford, MS Sunday morning. Reports are, 11 children were left without parents. ( さらに...

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I've flown out of Oxford UOX, from there, and hate to see this happen. God be with their children!
The registration info sheet at the end of this acticle is for a Seneca II
linbb 0
That's ok as someone posted the reg picture with it on a turbo prop plane. Was reported they lost both engines, do hope it was not miss fueled with Jet A as the correct plane was a recip powered one.
allench1 1
A Seneca II would not carry 6 soul's of adults and fuel and be within their loading weight, let alone fly on one engine and maintain altitude. When he dropped the gear it would immediately stall. I had one for about a year in 1979 and sold it for a baron because of its poor performance with just 4 adults.
mike SUT 1
PA-31....Piper Navajo...
allench1 1
I went by the previous registration. must have either been behind the aircraft or ran out of fuel even on 1 engine low and approach speed when it tanked with the aircraft dirty he would have very little chance to recover from an altitude standpoint. sad
Flight track for N447SA --

Incident summary --
Chris B 1
Partial ATC recordings are included in the news station report. Clearly something occurred during the flight to cause issues.
gtg878p 1
Where can we find the ATC transmissions?
Ok, so I must be missing something here! Was it a PA 31 310 or 350, or a PA 34 200T. 6 adults and 3/4 tanks would be no issue for a PA31 for a trip less than 3 hours. What I don't get is what were they doing at 12000' The Chieftain does quite well on one engine when flown properly and lowering the gear does not cause a stall. Allowing your airspeed to deteriorate from increased drag however will!
According to the registration data, it was a 1984 PIPER PA-31-325 with LYCOMING TI0-540 SER
Thx Jeff. At least if it was an engine failure, that's the easiest model to fly on one engine. Obviously something went haywire.
stacey go -8
Suspect they ran out of gas... had temp tanks installed 20 years ago...

Doctors flying.... I can make it!
they landed 1000 ft short of their intended destination....
linbb 1
What would the temp tanks have to do with this? All of the plumbing was only temp and removed from AC after ferry flight as fuel lines went thru the windows. Please read and understand what the tanks were and how they were mounted. The seats were removed as needed for those tanks.
stacey go -5
Well possibly that the temp tanks were there to boost the range of the plane, and that they had exceeded the range of the plane and run out of gas. Perhaps they thought they still had the same range. Just a thought. I'm fine with being wrong.
linbb 1
There were NO temp tanks as it was under a different class when they were installed and they in no way were left inside the passenger compartment they were mounted on skids to be removalbe. Most seats if not all were removed. We did it many times at Robertson AC for ferry flights in Cessna AC and there was room in those for ONLY the pilot as the oil reserve tank and pump to add oil in flight was next to him.
A fuel problem seems top of list with both engines quitting. Of course there are many types of fuel problems.
linbb -2
Or switched to tanks that had Jet A in them has happened several times in the last few years. Several times on TO just enough gas so it gets just beyond the airport and quits.

With the amount of fire find it hard to believe that it ran out of fuel or at least the right fuel.
stacey go -1
Good point. I didn't know there was much fire, which is what led me to suspect "outta gas". could be totally wrong, but it's hard to tell based on "limited reporting".
thanks for the heads up.
When they burn it's because they have fuel in them. It burned. When they fueled in ISM he had to have put 125 gallons or more in the aircraft to get to UOX. I assume he left UOX with full tanks 4 days prior to buy less on the road. JetA would have already killed it long before the accident. Navajos don't have a lot of fuel tanks. I have read nothing to indicate that both engines failed, but one photo seems to show the left prop feathered. My guess is the last thing he did was put the gear down. Lots of drag when the gear and doors come out and it makes em stop flyin in a hurry. Witnessed this exact scenario at ADS on the radio in the 80's. Piston Commander on short final with one caged. Tower called on very short final, "check gear down" he did and stalled the airplane a .25 mile short and just left of the runway. Moral of the story, whether or not it perfectly matches this event, turn off the damn radio in close proximity to the runway and if you have to, land with the gear up or go off the long end of the runway. The short end is much more hazardous.


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