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It appears that the Bugatti 100 has crashed. Very sad

Being from Tulsa I saw this plane and the people behind it. Massive effort. Very sad. ( さらに...

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Torsten Hoff 3
Very sad indeed, and an unfortunate end to a very interesting aviation project.

R.I.P. Scott Wilson.
linbb 3
I agree, this is part of doing this thing called aviation but without people like him to try and recreate history all would be lost.
peteb200 2
Sad news. R.I.P. Mr. Wilson.
Alan Brown 2
Terrible end to both a great aviator and a wonderful experiment in recreation of history.
oowmmr 2
That really sucks. R.I.P. Mr. Wilson. The Bugatti 100 is a badass airplane. Originally from 1938 are you kidding me, it reminds me of something from Flash Gordon movie far in the future.
The link has video of it departing and gear up, its not tracked well but you see the peoples reaction when it wrecks. Damn...
Bill Babis 2
So very tragic. R.I.P. Scotty Wilson and thank you for letting us follow your wonderful project.


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