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Airbus Said Poised to Win Delta Deal for at Least 30 A321 Jets

Airbus Group SE is poised to win an order for at least 30 A321 single-aisle jetliners from Delta Air Lines Inc. valued at $3.5 billion or more at list prices as part of a wider fleet overhaul at the U.S. carrier, according to people familiar with the plan. ( さらに...

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chalet 6
@ Brown, OK henceforth you will see yourself flying only on Southwest cattle boxcars, United's terrible service and Alaska serving only the West Coast.
321 is really hurting Boeing with more hurt on the way with 321 NEO. Very poor product planning by Boeing, with nothing competitive, as we wait for their decision on MOM.
After reading this, seems like Bloomberg has stooped to the level of ESPN's 'reporting'. Unnamed sources, no confirmation from either DAL or Airbus- I could have made this story up.

Let's assume it's true. Smart move on DAL's part. They have all 4 major A/C manufacturers represented in their fleet, so all of them know DAL has zero loyalty to any single manufacturer.
Dale Brown -1
In my opinion Delta should be buying USA American made planes! They shouldn't forget who pays for these planes in the long run, especially since these planes will be flying only in the US routes. When I pick my flights now days I fly American made planes only. Delta might think they are saving a dollar or two here and there, but I think it will cost them in the long run. Delta is my favorite airline now, that could very well change if it keeps buying non USA planes!
Versus what, buying USA Canadian made planes? LOL

Besides, I'd trust a well rested pilot in an old DC-3 more than I would a fatigued individual in a brand new ride.
honza nl 5
Yes, and if all countries and airlines act like this Boeing would be bancrupt ! Because you seem to forget that if you not want free trade, others also will block foreign goods like those of Boeing.
ps1: A321 is made in the US.
ps2: I reckon you write this on an Asian-made device?
ps3: Delta should not buy US-made planes, they should buy the right plane for the right price for the right operations. Could be Boeing, could be Airbus, could even be Russian.
chalet 5
You sound the opposite of certain European travelers who would never fly on Boeing planes just because Seattle receives large USGov subsidies..... Absurd.
The A321 is made in Mobile, AL, one state away.
Profits leave the country.
chalet 1
And profits of US companies abroad come here, right?
Don't have the outrageous tax system and the companies would have an incentive to stay here.
chalet 1
Don´t understand what you are talking about
honza nl -1
do you really believe that if tax is lowered they will pay tax? if US tax is 15% and tax evasion gives 2% tax, do yuo really believe Google, Starbucks, Wal-Mart etc will pay 15% ?
chalet 1
Delta carried last year 180 passengers equivalent to more than half the US population so you can be sure that they are crying like babies for losing your patronage.
744pnf 0
'If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going?'
Boeing is screwed.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Didn't Delta get bail out money from us? Guess they are showing their gratitude.
When is Delta going to wise-up and get some Boeing products.
chalet 1
So DAL is run by dummies who know nothing about the airline business, mmmm.... why don't you ask to be appointed as its CEO in charge of fleet acquisitions, and tell us what you are going to buy... (Jeeez).


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