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Qantas plane flies with an extra engine on the wing

Qantas Flight 63 took off from Sydney with an extra Rolls Royce turbofan attached to the left wing between an inner engine and the plane's body. The engine was not powered; it just came along for the ride to Johannesburg, South Africa. "We're undertaking this rare task to get our customers and our aircraft on their way as soon as possible — rather than shipping this engine across by boat or chartering a freighter aircraft," Qantas said in a statement. ( さらに...

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Standard practice done before
I can remember in the later 70's flying on a British Airways 747 flight transatlantic from London with 5 engines. It was not unusual at that time
linbb 1
Nothing new again as this has been posted many times must be new on here.
dondtus 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Qantas Boeing 747 takes off with five engines

The extra engine was being transported to Johannesburg unpowered.


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