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First A350 XWB delivery for Finnair (Highlight Video)

The delivery of Finnair’s first A350 XWB on 7 October 2015 is shown in this video, highlighting the special ceremony held in Toulouse, France – which included speeches from Airbus President and CEO Fabrice Brégier; Finnair CEO Pekka Vauramo; and Eric Schulz, President – Civil Large Engines, Rolls-Royce. With handover of its no. 1 A350 XWB, Finnair became the first European operator – and third worldwide – for Airbus’ new-generation widebody jetliner. ( More...

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toolguy105 1
Isn't it remarkable how the A350 series looks exactly like Boeings 787 series with the exception of the wing tips.
Does not look exactly like the 787. Windscreen different. Engines different. Wings different. Body longer on one than the other. Nose gear door different. Nose different. Engine mounting different.

Used these photos to compare:


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