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Opinion: General aviation lifts small business in Colorado

As the head of a large industrial construction company, I spend a lot of time at construction sites, most in remote little towns that are difficult to travel to. For 10 years, that meant at least three days away from my family to visit a job site for one day. About three years ago, all of that changed. I earned my private pilot's license and got a single-engine airplane. Now I travel much more productively. My staff and I can visit multiple job sites in different states in a single day.… ( さらに...

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Same thing happened when I worked for a State agency and had to travel. Once I received my pilot license and showed my superior it was cheaper and faster, he approved my aircraft rentals. In fact, a couple of times he even called to see if I could take him and a Federal representative on one day trips around the state. It worked out perfectly, and on schedule.
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G.A. is an under valued asset to our nation. It is expensive, always has been, and always will be. The economic impact far surpasses the upfront cost of flying. I agree with this opinion article.
It wasn't that expensive for me when you add up per diem costs, overnight hotels and commercial air fares. From West Palm Beach Florida I can fly cheaper commercially to Los Angeles than Tallahassee.


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