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CSeries is the quietest commercial jet

Bombardier announced today that its all-new CS100 aircraft has successfully completed all noise performance testing and preliminary data confirms it is the quietest in-production commercial jet in its class. The aircraft’s noise performance and its outstanding short-field capability make it ideal for city centre operations. ( More...

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Matt West 8
And upon hearing the news and reading the technical reports, Boeing and Airbus' development teams wrote back to Bombardier stating "Gentlemen, the engines have to be on during this test"
bentwing60 -2
LOL! The day late, dollar short Bombardier project continues.
siriusloon 7
Despite all the naysayers and armchair experts.
canuck44 3
Now the secondary competition begins...Porter vs WestJet vs Air Canada to use Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. Believe me after my last two experiences entering Toronto through Pearson it will be a pleasure to gain access through the smaller facility where there will not be 5000 people all arriving at 3 pm lined up for Customs and Immigration.
Serious question - is that like Bob Hope where you take off, then they turn off the engines, and scare the shit out of you for a few minutes? (only after taking off over the "Quiet" sign on the fence.
Try YKF....O'Hare to Kitchener in 55 mins, through C&I and leaving the terminal with bags in hand 10 mins later!
canuck44 4
YKF has the same problem as YHM in is 45+ miles to downtown Toronto. On the other hand, if YTZ is allowed to use the C-series it will be downtown and should have connecting flights to destinations in most of Canada and much of the eastern USA including Florida.
but I live in Kitchener, and will do anything in my power to avoid driving toward that monstrosity lol.
canuck44 1
Totally understandable, but unfortunately in order to get to YHZ from Florida my options are limited to YYZ, PHL or EWR and if a YTZ connection was available, I would be a happy customer.
paul trubits 1
Ever flown into BUF? Lots of Canadians especially on SWA.
Flew the family to DisneyWorld there a couple of years ago and saved ~$1200, however the current exchange rate has really hammered the benefits of this option.
canuck44 1
That only works if your Canadian destination is within driving distance for there are no air connections into Canada from there..
bentwing60 1
Almost reminds you of MIA doesn't it.
Matt West 1
Shudder. I got stuck going through there on more than one occasion on a flight from the UK. It's not as bad lately with the new facilities. The worse experience I had was at IAH in the late 1990's, it took me 3+ hours just to clear immigration, customs was another 2. Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight!


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