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U.S. OKs $3B upgrade of Boeing Apache helicopters for UK

WASHINGTON • The U.S. government has approved Britain's request to have 50 of its older model Apache helicopters refurbished and upgraded by Boeing Co and other U.S. companies, a deal valued at around $3 billion, the Defense Department announced on Thursday. ( さらに...

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DAL498 2
allies helping allies!
It boggles me that our closest ally even requires such approval. However, when one looks at the history of the F35 it is known that the UK, the senior development partner, threatened to pull the plug on the project because the US would not share the stealth technology:

If we can't trust the Brit's, who can we trust?
The guardian article was posted in 2006, and included :" Lockheed Martin, the US defence contractor in charge of the F-35 project, is running three tests to see how much, if any, of the stealth technology can be transferred. Executives insist Britain is exaggerating the scale of the problem as the planes, due to come into service in 2012, may not be required until 2014 at the earliest and Britain does not yet know what scale of technology it requires. "

I found the dates 'interesting'.

BTW Matt West, I agree with you completely.
Well, let's not forget that we had to kick their butts a couple times in the past. Things can change; they certainly have in the past.


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