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Arrest Warrant Sought For Ex-Korean Air Executive in Nuts Scandal

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- South Korean prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant for the former Korean Air executive Heather Cho who sparked outrage by kicking a flight attendant off a plane for serving macadamia nuts the wrong way. The warrant would cover charges of violating aviation safety rules, including a change in a flight plan, assault on a plane, coercion and interference in the execution of duty, the Seoul Western District Prosecutors' office said Wednesday. A decision will be… ( さらに...

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I still think they were in U.S. jurisdiction until they lifted off.
Good for them. Power corrupts and in this case, it certainly did. Her attitude was one of high and mighty self-importance and is inexcusable in a service-industry job. She was not the only passenger and to use her position to 'commandeer' the flight is deserving of punishment and justice. I am a forgiving and understanding person but don't have a lot of tolerance for arrogant people. I wouldn't walk across the street to meet some of the athletes and actors because of their attitudes about themselves. Give me a person in line at Wal Mart any day.


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