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Airbus confirms plans for A380neo and A380 ‘stretch'

Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier has confirmed plans for an A380neo with more fuel-efficient engines as well as a longer version of the superjumbo capable of carrying even more passengers than today's double-decker jet. ( さらに...

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This is good. about 4 posts below here they are talking about axing the plane, definitely not going with the NEO, yet here they are talking about it and a stretch. They have made a habit over the years of chasing/copying Boeing. Maybe they need to look at the 747 sales and production cuts, and stick to their guns about pulling it and put their resources somewhere else.
I suspect that Airbus, just like any other large organization, has different schools of thought on many subjects, including this one. Let's see who will be the winner on this. And, of course, the winner may make the company become a loser.
I think it was they same guy saying it. I wonder if they caved to market pressure like Boeing did on the new 737. LOL
In the article by Bloomberg they quote the Chief Financial Officer Harald Wilhelm as saying the A380 may be discontinued, whereas in this article they talk about CEO Fabrice Bregier confirming plans to stretch it. Anyway, a stretched version might make it look better from the outside. The current inside suits me just fine, but it does look quite stocky from the outside.
I saw that after I went back and reread it. You are probably right on schools of thought, the bean counter thinking out loud and as it became public, it probably forced the statement from the CEO, to keep the stockholders happy. Kinda like what happened to Boeing on the new 737. It might be the reasonable and prudent thing to do but think of how many folks it would put out of work.
canuck44 2
Except for the Gulf Airlines there is no big line up to buy the current edition. Highly traveled long range hub to hub markets are their niche and it does not take too many numbers to saturation that market segment. If the A-350 is successful along with the 787, there will be substantial erosion of the A-380 routes as the hubs become bypassed for point to point or hub to point service.
It is a market that can be easily eroded and they can be their own undoing with the 350. Their were no sales this year. It will be interesting to see what the future brings.
Maybe the Emirates Group should just by Airbus and take development in-house.
I believe they would and they can. Only if EADS (Airbus's parent) and EU willing to "let it go"
Then buy EADS. EU might be a stretch even for them, besides it would do with it? 8-)
I call BS. Airbus is considering discontinuing the A380 as early as 2018. They wouldn't make a new one.
ADXbear 2
Why not, they are already so far underwater they will never get to the surface.. make better... I guess..
"We will one day launch an A380neo and one day launch a stretched A380."

OK... When is that, exactly??? They've launched nothing but further guessing to what they'll actually do. The statement above says NOTHING.
So far seems Emirates asked for A380 Neo (Don't know why their reason was make A380 can compete with 777X while they put down a huge 777X order already...) I guess that meant never. See there was 747-500 747-600 and 747-700 some even bigger than the A380, they never been made.


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