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Air New Zealand eyes Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas for Boeing 787-9

Air New Zealand is looking to add another US city to its Boeing 787-9 network with Chicago, Houston and Las Vegas sitting on the shortlist for non-stop flights from Auckland. ( さらに...

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If this is in your staff bulletin, then it sounds like ANZ has a PR problem with the media that you should bring to your higher-up's attention. I seriously doubt the media would get that wrong if already are putting US destinations on a short list for their next service.

Either way, KLAS has been the choice for the last few Rugby Sevens events, so that does provide some incentive for it to be one of the destinations, plus allows them to opt out of transitioning those passengers through the hell that is LAX, as they are still doing major construction there, while Terminal E is ready to go.
ADXbear 1
Cant wait, as a Las Vegas Aviation Photographer, please keep us informed..


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