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Malaysia Flight 370 data from Inmarsat (PDF)

Inmarsat has released a PDF with all the information received from MAS370. ( More...

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sparkie624 5
By now, they have had time to do what ever edits they wanted to do with it... This whole thing feels like a cover up.
bbabis 2
Its all gobboldygook to me and I don't know how the whole system works. What I do read though is that they are making a lot of assumptions. A big one is that the sending units in the aircraft were normally powered. More than likely they lost main power with the rest of the aircraft and a battery powered them for the duration. As voltage declined you would get all kinds of frequency shifts and a steady decrease in signal strength. This would give the doppler illusion of movement even if the aircraft made lazy circles for 7 hours. Just a thought.
Iain Girling 2
It still amazes me that the "spy kit" on Diego Garcia didn't track anything. (Or maybe it did ???)
20 years from now, it'll magically leak out that it did...
Onofre Segura 1
The plane is in a hangar, loaded with explosives or even a dirty bomb and ready for a guided crash into some important city. In the meantime, we'll keep walking shoeless and beltless through airports security. And with less than 100ml toothpaste, just in case we decide to make a soapy little bomb.
RECOR10 -4
The day that plane went missing, on THIS very website, there was data, and even PHOTOS of the craft. It landed in China, that simple. Why? Who knows.
superwbd 5
I was at this site after 30mins of the release of the news, if you dig a little bit further you can see my comments there.

That was FAKE news: It said the plane landed at Kuning(or something like that, I forgot the spelling). China does not have that city. There is a city in China called Kunming(昆明), and there's no sign that the plane had landed there. "Kuning" is a city in Vietnam, and that city does not have any airport.
matt jensen 1
I orig stated NK, then later DG. I stand by that comment.
sparkie624 1
So much of this investigation has been so obvious fake... I suspect this is the same thing... If they had this data earlier, then they should have posted it then.
RECOR10 -2
Sure it was fake. And a 777 just falls off the face of the earth. Sure.
It's at KACT. Brought Bin Laden, Obama, Gaddafi, Hussein, Rice, Cheney, and Junior in for the big screw the working class people meeting/BBQ at the ranch!!!


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