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EASA proposes new requirements for flight recorders and underwater locating devices

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced new proposals for flight data and voice recorders and underwater locating devices (ULDs) in the wake of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. ..... ..... If adopted by the European Commission, the new requirements would include extending the transmission time of ULDs fitted on flight recorders from 30 to 90 days. EASA is also proposing that large aircraft flying over oceans should be equipped with a new type of ULD that has… ( さらに...

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Well, just some thoughts. This is the 2nd knee jerk proposal to come out and kinda makes a decent start, but the last line of the story says for planes and helicopters REGISTERED in those member countries, not the one's flying in there. That knock out a bunch, right at the git go. The CVR's are plenty capable of longer recording length as is. The 2 hr. restriction is on account of ALPA. How that reaches on into the European nations I don't know but it must be fairly far reaching if it is only 2 hrs over there.
I agree that members only states is weak. Maybe they still feel uneasy about extending regulations to foreign flag carriers because of the controversial nature of their recent climate change gas tax penalty.

But if they keep creating an unequal competitive playing field between home-based carriers and foreign carriers, that penalize local firms, then the foreign airlines will continue to take marketshare from European carriers.

That said, if the proposed safety measure is worthwhile, then it should be worthwhile for all airlines. The half dozen or so most significant regulators should propose identical or near identical new regulations, so that a worldwide standard can be achieved.

Any contradicting ALPA provision would become unenforceable, if by law or regulation such provision is superseded. ALPA negotiated clauses in collectively bargained agreements, do not have any legal precedence over laws created by congress or regulations created by the FAA.

I've said all along that technology has to be better applied to the issue of planes going missing, so that we never have to wait days, weeks or years to know the final resting place of any passenger aircraft and all the souls aboard. I don't see this as a knee-jerk reaction at all. I see it more as crystallization of the awareness that we as a world, don't ever want to be in the same situation of not knowing where a $250m asset and hundreds of passengers are located. With the technology available today, we ought not be left not knowing.

*Also, the CVR and FDR should last as long as the gas, on any given plane. With al the cheap solid state memory available, 20 hours sounds more reasonble than 2. When we finally find the recorders, it will be a shame, that we will likely not be able to hear the words spoken in the cockpit around the time the plane changed course and the transponders fell silent.
Right on photo..every word of that applies. i could add afew inflamatory comments but I don't want the hassle
FAA does not allow Malaysian into USA anyway. Right on Wayne. The message for pax is to fly only recognised flag carriers.
Change always faces resistance.
It's part of human weakness !
Once Earth was considered to be the centre of the Universe. And Ptolemy was burnt to stake for hypothesizing the opposite !
Ptolemy described the Earth-centric theory in his book the Almagest and died peacefully aged 77 or 78. Whoever you were thinking of, it wasn't Ptolemy.
Error noted with utmost humility.
I could not find any reference to any physical harm being brought upon anyone. As to be expected, there was disagreement in the scientific community but most notably and over several times, there was opposition from the Christian community as this theory not lining up with the biblical view of creation, but as I said, I could find no reference to violence or physical harm.
Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake by the Catholic Church for maintaining the the Universe was infinite.
Evil does exist Wayne. I got a cruxifix on one of my front yard trees. Not kidding here.
Tragedy for some, a small populace, but boon to humanity at large.
This how the innovators look at tragedies. For them these are opportunities to grow and evolve.
It was inevitable. Like it or not.
More over as I have been professing, the CVR duration to be for the entire flight, the proposal covers 20 hours ! Interesting, no ?
All contents of the entire article, though not long, are very well conceived.
Bravo EASA .
I like a system like the Canadian FLYHT system only streams FDR/CVR pilot activated or controller activated. Taking it further oceanic flights out of radar coverage could stream data during the period out of radar coverage. That way satellites would not get an overdose of unnecessary data, only when activated.

My work here is done.
There is a post in NEW SQUAWKS detailing FLYHT. Good read.
Thanks - dredged the info from the cranial department so good to update reference and will source more info about it.
It would be better if they transmitted not just a bland ping but sent the last known GPS position.


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