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Canadian North Expands Service Between Iqaluit and St. John’s

Canadian North announced it will expand its passenger and cargo service this year. On June 20, the airline will introduce seasonal, non-stop flights between Iqaluit and Halifax, Nova Scotia, with same-plane service available to St. John’s, Newfoundland. ( さらに...

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canuck44 2
This better known as Frobisher Bay for those not familiar with the Inuit language. Airbus does most of their cold weather testing here. I flew an unconscious patient from my ship in there in 1971 and it was certainly one of the more inhospitable places on the planet even in late August.
Iqaluit inhospitable? Not by a longshot - it's the capital & seat of govt of Nunavut. Maybe consider Resolute where I grew up - hmmmm. Bears and seals and a large CF base
Probably equal to Churchill, MB on Hudson Bay. Neither destination is on my list of January vacation spots.
Churchill is a desert oasis compated to Iqaluit :). Here's a current Nolinor flight from YKF to YFB. Iqaluit is getting right up into the Arctic. Its airport is often used as an ETOPS alternate for polar flights to Asia.
Oops...forgot the link:
He he he he, I have heard Churchill called a lot of things, but Oasis?
Maybe an oasis for polar bears? Churchill claims to be polar bear capital of the world.
It is. Lived there for several years. At times the bears outnumber residents and they are not afraid.
"Canadian North will allow two free luggage bags of 70 lbs (33 kg) each for all passengers. On smaller aircraft, the allowance is two free bags up to 50 lbs (23 kg) each." What's the matter with these Canadians? Are they crazy?
Lots of people fly there for extended periods because of their jobs, also students that go out or come back for higher education, and scientific teams flying up there for field work, that's why they need bigger luggage allowances.
Nothing wrong with us. We have lots of cold weather gear to take along.
Was on a flight to Thule in the mid 60's had to divert to Frobisher Bay due to weather at Thule. Found all of the staff at the airport to be very friendly. Wouldn't really want to have to live there though.


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